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7,700,183Closed cell surfaces with enhanced drag-reduction properties
7,695,550Structured membrane with controllable permeability
7,678,495Graphitic nanostructured battery
7,618,746Nanostructured battery having end of life cells
7,608,446Nanostructured surface for microparticle analysis and manipulation
7,554,046Liquid switch
7,535,692Multilevel structured surfaces
7,525,722Liquid mirror
7,455,021Method and apparatus for controlling friction between a fluid and a body
7,449,649Liquid switch
7,412,938Structured surfaces with controlled flow resistance
7,358,833Method and apparatus for signal processing using electrowetting
7,323,033Nanostructured surfaces having variable permeability
7,227,235Electrowetting battery having a nanostructured electrode surface
7,204,298Techniques for microchannel cooling
7,156,032Method and apparatus for controlling friction between a fluid and a body
7,048,889Dynamically controllable biological/chemical detectors having nanostructured surfaces
7,006,299Method and apparatus for calibrating a tunable microlens
7,005,593Liquid electrical microswitch
6,965,480Method and apparatus for calibrating a tunable microlens
6,936,196Solidifiable tunable liquid microlens
6,891,682Lenses with tunable liquid optical elements
6,847,493Optical beamsplitter with electro-wetting actuation
6,846,087Micromirror having counterbalancing structures and method for manufacturing same
6,829,415Optical waveguide devices with electro-wetting actuation
6,778,328Tunable field of view liquid microlens
6,665,127Method and apparatus for aligning a photo-tunable microlens
6,545,816Photo-tunable liquid microlens
6,545,815Tunable liquid microlens with lubrication assisted electrowetting
6,538,823Tunable liquid microlens
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