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ME 601 Micro and Nano Technology Fabrication Lab

ME601 Lec 5 Spring 2011 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm TR
Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Tom Krupenkin

The ME 601 “Micro and Nano Technology Fabrication Lab” is a new course that serves as an introduction to a wide array of modern nanofabrication techniques which are extensively used in industrial and academic settings. The objective of the class is to gain hands-on experience with designing, manufacturing and controlling miniaturized systems at micron and submicron level. The course utilizes UW WCAM cleanroom facility which is ideally suited for achieving this goal. It provides students with all the necessary microfabriaction tools and processes to design, fabricate and test a wide range of novel micro and nano-sale devices.

The course includes both lectures and labs and covers a diverse selection of topics including:
  • Mechanics, electro, thermo and hydrodynamics at micron and submicron scale
  • Fundamentals of lithography, etching, and deposition
  • Surface and bulk micromachining
  • Fabrication techniques for MEMS and NEMS
  • Top-down and bottom-up manufacturing
  • In-depth coverage of bio-MEMs, RF-MEMs, high-temperature, and optical MEMs
  • Fabrication techniques for micro and nano fluidics
  • Channel-based and droplet-based microfluidics
  • Bioreactors and lab-on-chip devices for DNA, cell and protein analysis
  • Nanostructured, superhydrophobic, superlyophobic surfaces and their applications
  • New and emerging applications of NEMS and nanofluidics

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Class materials

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