Micro and Nano Fluidics Research Group

Nanotechnology Cluster and Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Changing Your Ideas of

What Liquids Can Do

The research interests of our group concentrate on nanostructured surfaces, physics of liquid-solid interfaces, and micro and nano-fluidics.
      Over the last decade, continuing progress in nanofabrication techniques led to substantial advancement in our understanding of the liquid-solid interfaces at the mesoscopic scale and brought the advent of a new area that can be called nanoscale interface engineering. The main goal of this new field is to employ the nano and micro scale interfacial features to obtain surfaces and materials with the radically new and previously unattainable properties.
      Potential applications of these systems span an exceptionally broad range, which includes areas as diverse as self-cleaning coatings, surfaces with tunable optical properties, substrates for directed biological cell migration, and hydrodynamic drag reduction surfaces.

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